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Two poems written by Sallie Still, one of our dedicated volunteers.

Clean Habits Fit Rabbits

When at the sanctuary cleaning our rabbits
You need to remember they have dirty habits.
Their wees and poos are there by the score
Up in the corners and out to the door.

We have to remember it’s part of their charm
Not pleasant to do but will do you no harm
They love a clean bed, the same as you do
They love clean dishes the same as you too.

Their food must be clean and correct in amount
In each pen, each head you must count
All this we must do to keep our pets healthy
All sick bunnies do is to keep our vets wealthy.

Silent Victims

Shut away in a grotty hutch
The lonely rabbit doesn’t get much
Lucky if fed or given water
Sadly forgotten by son or daughter

Rarely given a nice clean bed
Stand up in the hutch; you’ll bang your head
No room to stretch or hop about
No gravy run or toys to clout

These lonely bunnies don’t ask much
A bowl of food and a clean hutch
Throw in a cuddle, they are over the moon
And hope your next visit will be very soon.