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Only 40% of Chipmunks hibernate during the winter?

These small squirrels from North Americaare substantial food hoarders who are active by day and sleep at night. In the wild Chipmunks spend most of their time underground where they build complex underground burrow systems with nesting and large food storage chambers sometimes containing several litres of food! Chipmunks live for 7

10 years. Their natural range is over 700 sq feet. They are extremely active animals therefore should never be kept in a small cage.

TAG is very proud of their Chipmunk housing in which we endeavour to give them the best environment available. Our Chipmunks are kept in small groups and males are neutered to prevent fighting and breeding.

Chipmunks become very anxious if they have no way to exercise and they must always have a nest box in which to sleep.  Chipmunks adore climbing into a sock stuffed with soft hay.

You can only appreciate how endearing Chipmunks are in a near natural environment where they are able to display most of their natural behaviour.

Please feel free to make an appointment and see for yourself how happy the Chipmunks are in a more spacious outdoor Aviary type environment, and not in a cramped cage.