Chico & Ebony

 3 years & 10 years
 Chihuahua & Terrier
 Male & Female
Could live with other dogs
 Not sure
Could live with cats
 Not sure
Could live with children
 Not sure
Other info
 Neutered, vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated 
Medical Conditions
Needs active owner
 Not so important

Chico Chihuahua 3yrs male

Ebony terrier small 10yrs female

Currently in foster and looking for a home together after they lost their Dad. 

Both dogs are very good natured, loving and very bonded. 



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Adopting a Dog from TAG

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Age - 1-2 years
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Sex - Male


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Chico & Ebony

Age - 3 years & 10 years
Breed - Chihuahua & Terrier
Sex - Male & Female


Age - 9 years
Breed - Large Lurcher
Sex - Female