Age - 8 Weeks Approx
Breed - Lurcher
Sex - Male

Four little puppies were found dumped in a recycling box. What a start to their lives, a byproduct of today's society and reflection of the value of life by some.

Only one more little puplett to go..
All three lurcher girl pups Luna, Maggie and Destiny have been happily adopted but little Jesse is still waiting for his forever home ūüėĮ
Such a lovely natured gentle boy who will make a lucky human very happy.
To apply for 3 month old Jesse or a TAG dog please fill in the online application form.

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Age - 18 Months
Breed - Collie Cross
Sex - Male

Mr Bob

Age - 2 years
Breed - Cross-breed
Sex - Male


Age - 2 years
Breed - Small Lurcher
Sex - Female


Age - 5 years
Breed - Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Sex - Male


Age - 6 years
Breed - Small Jack Russel
Sex - Male


Age - 1-2 years
Breed - Mixed Breed
Sex - Female


Age - 7 years
Breed - Jack Russell
Sex - Female