TAG adoption procedure for cats


Covid-19 adoption process update – please note this is subject to change depending on government guidelines.

For the foreseeable future, members of the public will not be able to come to the sanctuary to meet the cats and we will not be able to carry out home visits.

Please have a look at the cats available on this page and if you think one may be a good fit for your household, please fill in the Cat Adoption Application Form and we will get in touch if it looks like a good match.

While visits to the sanctuary and home visits cannot take place please note the following:

  • We will not adopt to households with children under 12 years old – this is because people cannot come to meet the cats and we need to know how the children and cat get on prior to adoption
  • If there is another cat in the household we will only adopt if all cats involved have lived comfortably with another cat before and the adopter has experience of successfully introducing cats together
  • If there is a dog in the household we will only adopt if the dog has lived comfortably with a cat before, and the cat has lived comfortably with a dog of similar breed and temperament
  • We will only re-home within a 30 minute drive from the sanctuary

This is for the welfare of our cats and to ensure as much as we can that all humans and cats involved are happy with the adoption in these current circumstances.


Step 1.

Application Form

If you see one of our cats that you may be interested in rehoming, please fill out the online cat application form provided on our website.

Once we have all your details we will contact you to arrange a home check but only if we feel that the cat could be a suitable match for your circumstances.

Please note, we do not re-home our cats to houses on busy roads or to households with young children. We like there to be easy access to the garden via a cat flap. If you are in rented accommodation we will need to see proof that you are allowed to keep a cat at the property before we can proceed with your application.


Step 2.

Home Visit

We want to make sure we match the right cat with the right household and home visits are a really important part of the matching process. During the Covid-19 outbreak it is not possible to carry out home visits, we will contact you to discuss alternatives.


Step 3.


Once the home visit has been completed we will invite you to make an appointment to come to the sanctuary and meet the cats. We will put together a short list of suitable cats to introduce you to as not all cats may be a good fit with your household. During Covid-19, members of the public are not permitted to come to the sanctuary - we will discuss alternative 'meeting' options and final re-homing process with you instead. 


Adopting a Cat from TAG

All you need to know about the adoption process.

Longest Stay Cat - Billie

Age - 3 years
Colour - Black & White
Sex - Female


Age - 11 years
Colour - Black
Sex - Male

Teddy & Bear

Age - 11 months
Colour - Black
Sex - Male


Age - 20 years
Colour - Black & White
Sex - Male


Age - 12 years
Colour - Black & White
Sex - Male